Public law

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Administrative authorities often make decisions whose significance even surpasses that of court judgements. It is therefore all the more astonishing that public law is often treated relatively neglectfully by business law firms. Precisely in this area, a great deal can be achieved with industry knowledge and a determined legal approach. A lack of relevant decisions by the highest courts often makes well-founded argumentation particularly promising. Of course, knowledge of any administrative practice is also helpful in all this, not least in regulated sectors such as telecommunications. And where the air is thin for a business lawyer, we have proven experts in the respective subject matter at our side whose experience and professional input ensure the best possible result. 

In the area of public law, we provide the following services in particular: 

  • Advice and representation in all administrative matters, especially in regulated sectors
  • Representation before the Regional Administrative Courts and the Federal Administrative Court
  • Representation before the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Administrative Court
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