​Commercial & Distribution law

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Commercial law is of enormous practical importance, but at the same time it demonstrates a myriad of pitfalls. The differences to “ordinary” private law are often serious, and commercial law may even have to be applied in business transactions with private individuals. It is therefore all the more important to be sure-footed in this area of law. We advise you on how to recognize problems early and how to overcome obstacles. 

As an interdisciplinary matter, distribution law in particular has its perils. Franchise agreements, agency agreements, classic distribution agreements, etc., all of them have special features that are often not known or taken into consideration by a legal layman. Problems with the contractual partner can be eliminated by a costum-fit contract design. What is also often overlooked is that such vertical agreements may also give rise to antitrust concerns, which can lead to nullity or, in the worst case, even fines. A perennial legal issue is of course the compensation claim of the commercial agent. We make sure that there are no unpleasant surprises here. 

In the area of commercial and distribution law, we provide the following services in particular: 

  • Advice and legal representation in all relevant matters
  • Advice on the legal potentials and limits of distribution agreements
  • Enforcement of and defense against compensation claims
  • Antitrust “screening”
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