Public Procurement law

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Public procurement accounts for around 16% of the European Union’s economic output. The state is therefore an important player, in some sectors even the most important one. But many things work differently here: If you as a private entrepreneur want to do business with the public sector, you basically have the right – depending on the tendering – as the best or cheapest bidder to be awarded your contract. To make this happen, our experts will help you through mostly complex procedures that can be tricky and are often difficult for laypersons to understand. If you are working for public clients, we will first check whether and to what extent your procurement needs are subject to compulsory tendering. If this is the case, our specialists will help you to use public procurement law as an instrument to obtain the best product at a manageable expense. 

In the area of public procurement law, we provide the following services in particular: 

For bidders: 

  • Examination of tender documents and support for participating in public procurement procedures
  • Negotiations with public principals (if legally possible)
  • Representation in public procurement review proceedings
  • Procurement law coaching for employees

For public principals:

  • Examination of the obligation to tender and of the appropriate procedure for procurement
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Support and handling of award procedures, engagement as awarding client
  • Representation in public procurement review proceedings
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