Litigation & Arbitration

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The area of litigation is superbly established in our law firm, whose lawyers have many years of experience in proceedings before the various courts. The main focus of our activities is the representation of our clients before the courts in commercial matters, but we also cover general civil law as well as special matters arising from our clients’ business fields. We make every effort to ensure that the quote handed down from Roman law: “Before the court and on the high seas, one is in God’s hands” does not become a reality for our clients. We attach great importance to accompanying our clients through their litigation with precision, foresight and the necessary tenacity. Arbitration proceedings can offer advantages over state jurisdiction, especially in the settlement of disputes in international business cases. We bring this to the attention of our clients before the drafting of their contracts and, if necessary, enforce their claims by making use of our international legal networks to our clients’ advantage.

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