Labour & Migration

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In a society shaped by globalization, the world of work is also becoming increasingly complex. A constantly increasing demand for skilled workers, greater flexibility and social responsibility as well as “new work” concepts are just a few of the challenges that companies have to master nowadays. Solving legal issues with the help of a skilled partner is therefore invaluable. We provide comprehensive support in all areas of labor law, and, more importantly, we bring the experience and the necessary empathy to bear to meet the greatest challenge in every employment relationship: the human being.

Globalization also means that employees are increasingly working abroad on a short-, sometimes even long-term basis, entrepreneurs want to realize their business ideas abroad, and private individuals want to move the centers of their lives to a new country. We support all of them with years of experience and knowledge of the paths we can take to guide them safely through the complex law of establishment and residence.

In the area of labor law, we provide the following services in particular: 

  • Preparation and ongoing updates to employment contracts
  • Preparation and negotiation of management contracts
  • Coordination with the works council and negotiation of company agreements
  • Comprehensive advice on special topics, such as flexible working hours, digitization of work, business relocation, and employee participation
  • Support for the assignment of employees abroad and to Austria
  • Support in labor disputes

In the area of residence law, we provide the following services in particular: 

  • Comprehensive advice on visas, residence permits and assignment permits, employment permits, and registration certificates
  • Legal assistance in obtaining a residence permit, employment permit, assignment permit, and registration certificate
  • Comprehensive consulting for companies and start-ups that want to immigrate to Austria, either privately or with their company
  • Legal assistance for the extension of a residence permit and an employment permit
  • Comprehensive advice on subsequent relocation of the family
  •  Support in finding suitable schools and universities
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