IT, E-Business & Data Protection

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Information technology is the eponym and lifeblood of our modern information society. It surrounds us constantly, and it is impossible to imagine our everyday life without it. At the same time, many new, innovative business models are built on IT and the internet, and existing businesses are being adapted for the digital age. However, IT is a term concealing a complex network of different technologies constantly in flux, thus posing particularly complex problems. With digitization progressing ever faster, new technologies and concepts such as block chain, cloud computing, IoT, and AI must be made profitable and, above all, legally viable. Achieving this requires specialists who not only have excellent legal knowledge but also a profound understanding of the relevant technologies. Only then can you be sure that consistent solutions are created for your company in a constantly changing environment.

The rapid development in the IT sector, almost ubiquitous “data scandals”, increasing digitalization of the workplace and of companies as a whole, the trend towards international outsourcing of data processing and IT services, and last but not least the GDPR and other internationally significant legal regulations – all of these have contributed to making data protection a key area of law for successful companies and making cybersecurity a cornerstone of data protection compliance.

Thanks to the expertise of our lawyers in the areas of information technology, data protection and digitization, our consulting focus in industries with stringent compliance requirements as well as our international accreditations, we can offer our clients solutions tailored to their needs which are not only legally secure, but also, above all, practical.

In the IT area, we provide the following services in particular

  • Comprehensive consulting for planned IT and digitization projects
  • Legal preparation, monitoring, and coordination of projects
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts with project partners and subcontractors 
  • Negotiations and coordination with works councils
  • Coordination with authorities (e.g., Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications

In the field of e-business, we provide the following services in particular: 

  • Comprehensive consulting for new business models and products
  • Creation of general terms and conditions 
  • Website compliance checks 
  • Coordination with authorities and support in disputes 
  • Support in domain name disputes

In the area of data protection, we provide the following services in particular: 

  • Initial and periodic data protection compliance checks
  • Comprehensive advice on technical and organizational measures as well as data protection impact assessments (PIAs) and general matters related to data protection regulations
  • Preparation of internal employee information and declarations, guidelines and codes of conduct
  • Employee training and training of internal data protection officers
  • Preparation and negotiation of data protection-relevant contracts (e.g., data transfer agreements) with national and international customers, contractors and providers 
  • Support in the event of data breaches (data breach notifications) and data protection disputes
  • Coordination with external data protection officers and data protection authorities
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