Contract & Civil Law

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We advise and support you in the contractual drafting of all private law issues that may arise in different phases of life (partnership, marriage, home buying, asset management, estate settlement, etc.) or present themselves in the course of your professional career (employment, service, and work agreements) as well as those that are necessary in implementing your entrepreneurial projects (forming and acquiring businesses, various project and distribution contracts, secrecy of know-how, etc.). The guiding principle of our lawyers in the area of contract law is to secure the legal interests of our clients in a precise and comprehensive manner. At the same time, we never lose sight of the fact that the quality of a contract is not measured by the number of its pages and clauses, but rather by its conception and a language that is understandable to the parties, thereby offering both sides a reliable set of rules to apply in the event of disputes or, if possible, prevents disputes from arising at all.

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