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Public contracts account for around 16% of the economic output of the European Union. The public sector is therefore an important customer, in some branches it is even the most important. However, everything is different when it comes to the state. Unlike with private customers, you have – depending on the invitation to tender – as the best or lowest bidder in principle a claim to go to contract. For it to come to that, though, you usually have to take part in a complex legal process that for lay people is difficult to understand and may contain a pitfall or two. There are deadlines which, if missed, can lead to the complete loss of your rights. There may be a hidden discrimination against you in the terms of tender. Public contracts usually mean a lot of money. So, why not do everything right from the start and let our specialists advise you. We can accompany you through the entire procurement procedure. If necessary, we will fight for your rights before the procurement control authorities and courts responsible.


Getting the Deal Through - Cybersecurity 2020
The well known series published their latest edition on cyber- and IT-security as well as data privacy, containing a contribution by Árpád Geréd.

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