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It was not all that long ago that even experienced practicioners here hardly had antitrust law on their radar. Austria’s entry into the EU brought about a rather sudden end to the shadowy existence of this branch of law. In the meantime, antitrust law is a dreaded weapon in legal departments all over the country, used more and more by the European Commission and Austrian governing authorities. Reports of draconian penalties imposed on relevant offenses are part and parcel of today’s media. That this may seriously damage a company’s reputation in the public mind, thus putting ‘compliance’ on everyone’s lips, is clear. Just as important here is specialised consultation that presupposes not only the knowledge of the relevant judicial practice, but above all, an eye for the deciding economic tie-ins. We counsel and accompany you through company mergers, horizontal and vertical cooperations with other companies and also with the question of what your company must particularly heed when having a high market share.


Getting the Deal Through - Cybersecurity 2020
The well known series published their latest edition on cyber- and IT-security as well as data privacy, containing a contribution by Árpád Geréd.

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